Online Banking


If you have purchased Quickbooks® from Intuit, you can download data from your accounts at Farmers State Bank to the Intuit software. Just import your bank activity with a click! Everything self-populates into the proper category, streamlining your accounting duties quickly and efficiently.

Getting Started:

1. Login to Internet Banking
2. Click on the account you would like to export the transactions from
3. Put your cursor over the transactions menu and select All Transactions from the list
4. This will bring up a search box with transactions
     a. From here you can select between accounts
     b. You can change the date range in which you are looking for transactions
     c. You can change the number of transactions per page
     d. Change export format to Intuit Quickbooks® (.QBO)
5. Click View Transactions to populate transactions
6. After you have found the transactions you want to export, select those transactions for export on the left hand side of the list of transactions. (By clicking on the select all it will check all transactions in the list on that page or you can click each box individually)
7. After the transactions are selected click the export selected button at the bottom.
8. Should download and when opened be in customer’s Quickbooks® application on computer.

Contacting Intuit Support

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Monday-Friday 6am-6pm Pacific Time